OpenSprinkler 3.x (OS3) supports OTA (Over-the-Air) firmware update. 

Warningfirmware update will likely set your controller back to factory defaults. This includes all settings, programs, and device password (which will be set back to the default: opendoor). Please ensure you back up your current configurations (e.g. Export Configurations) before proceeding with firmware update. In addition, for OS 3.x, the WiFi settings will be erased too, so after firmware update, please follow the OS Firmware User Manual to repeat the WiFi settings steps.

Before proceeding, make sure you export your OpenSprinkler's current configurations to a file so you can import them afterwards. Update your mobile app to the latest version (if you directly access the controller via web browser, you are all set as it's already updated). 

  1. Download the most recent firmware (in .bin file format).

  2. As detailed in Steps 3 and 4 below: you can update perform OTA (Over-the-Air) update either in WiFi station mode or AP mode. If you used wired Ethernet, firmware update via wired Ethernet is only supported in firmware 2.2.0 and above. If your current firmware is earlier than 2.2.0, you must: a) power off the controller; b) remove the module, and c) power your controller back on, so it can enter WiFi mode, as OTA update only works in WiFi mode if your firmware is pre-2.2.0.

  3. Assuming your OS is in WiFi station mode (i.e. it's already connected to your home WiFi router), you can open a browser and type in the following:
    where x.x.x.x is your OS's device IP (if you don't know, click the first button B1 on OpenSprinkler to display the IP address). This should bring up the firmware update page. Select the .bin file your downloaded in Step 1, and type in your OpenSprinkler's device password (the default password is opendoor if you have never changed it). Submit and wait until it completes firmware update.

  4. (Alternative) If your controller is in WiFi AP mode (i.e. you see a flashing dot on the LCD screen and it prints IP, then use your computer or laptop to connect to its AP SSID (it's printed on the LCD screen, in the form of OS_ followed by six numbers or letters), then open a browser and type in:
    This will bring up the firmware update page. Select the .bin file you downloaded in Step 1, and type in your OpenSprinkler's device password in MD5 checksum form (you can use an 
    online MD5 hash generator to produce the MD5 sum), and submit. For example, if you've never changed the password, or you've done a factory reset, this would be a6d82bced638de3def1e9bbb4983225c (the md5 sum of default password opendoor).

If you have OS 3.0 (the very first version of OS3, with transparent front cover), you can also update firmware using microUSB cable: OS30_firmware_usb_instructions. This only works for controllers with a microUSB port.